Do you want quantity or quality, man?
2004-04-27 :: 10:36 p.m.

New boss testing my patience. To stay or not to stay? Can I actually work through this rough patch? Will he change and become the boss I want him to be? Fuck no. Crap, what have I gotten my blockish self into? I give up two shifts at a fantabulous job (while risking the possible loss of that job as a result) to work for a pink-tutu wearing Lucifer. What the heck was I thinking??

Perhaps it is my never-quitting attitude (which rarely surfaces except for in situations which regard some sort of financial matter in my life) that impels me to not relinquish. After spending almost a month hacking away at the fresh job, I really do not want to find another. A portion of it is laziness on my part, of course. I just wish my new boss would smarten up and bring me in at 10 AM every day instead of 12 or 1 PM. He is being completely unreasonable in thinking it possible for me to complete the various tasks on hand (especially on a busy day) in the time allotted. I am not fucking superwoman, fuck!

I am so frustrated right now. I want to move forth with my life so badly, but I seem to keep getting myself into sticky situations in which I have no clue as to what I should do. I have to admit that I like making money, I just wish I had stable, full-time hours at a job that I felt comfortable and at least liked. I guess that is what 99% of the population wishes for as well, right? Maybe I should unfold my ears and listen to those that tell me it could be worse and that it is toughening me up for more dick-headed fuckers in the future. "It's the real world, deal with it." GAH!


Ok, now I am going to bed. That just took much too much out of me. Long day, Zoey tired, need sleep. Night night.



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