New Name...? You like?
2004-04-27 :: 11:45 a.m.

I've decided it's time to come up with a new name for myself. I am no longer going to be called the pathetic "Sarah." I want something that is a little more catchy and a little more me.

You can now call me:

Zoey Cuthbert

I've always wanted to change my name. Although this is not official, it's good enough for now. Maybe someday I'll actually get the balls to change it for good.

I always thought of Sarah as a plain Jane type of name. It's common and kind of blah (not that I am knocking anyone with the name Sarah because I can respect the fact if you like the name). This may have something to do with the fact that I wish to re-invent myself. I am trying to overcome the past me with a brand-spanking, shiny new me.

I am tired of the old baggage. It's time to leave behind what is behind. I am going to try and no longer go back and reach for old ways and methods of dealing with things. It's time to move forward with my life and perhaps pursue some of my goals and desires. Gotta get out of the rut, dammit! Starting with a new name will hopefully give my butt a kick into gear. If not, I'll find some other method, I can't keep giving up on myself. I am worth more than this. I deserve better than this. I can and will learn to accept myself and work with what I have.



1984. female. sometimes happy. sometimes sad. sometimes mad. always tired. no clue what she is doing with her life. currently working to save money. hates herself.

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